Here are a list of the shortcuts and options provided in the presentation "Visual Studio hidden treasures" on the conference Basta! in Mainz.


Description Name default keys
Goto All Edit.GoTo Ctrl + ,
Quick Launch Window.QuickLaunch Ctrl + Q
New line above Edit.LineOpenAbove Ctrl + Enter
New line below Edit.LineOpenBelow Shift + Enter
Move selection/line up Edit.MoveSelectedLinesUp Alt + Up arrow
Move selection/line down Edit.MoveSelectedLinesDown Alt + Down arrow
Cycle throu 10 lastes copy Edit.CycleClipboardRing Ctrl + Shift + V
Format current dokument Edit.FormatDocument Ctrl + K, D
Force intellicense to show Edit.CompleteWord Ctrl + Space
Show definition inline Edit.PeakDefinition Alt + F12
Toogle fullscreen mode View.FullScreen Shift + Alt + Enter
Circle throu windows Window.NextDocumentWindowNav Ctrl + Tab
Move marker back to Code Window Window.ActiveDocumentWindow Esc

If the default shortcut keys doesn't work you can use the name to find it and see what you have assigned or reassign:

Identify and customize keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio

Options to set in the Options dialog under the Tools menu:


  • Keyboard: where you find all the shortcuts and you can select a default schema.
  • Startup: select if you wan't the start window at start or not
  • Tabs and Windows: Preview selected file in Solution Expolorer or not & Show pinned tabs in a seperate row
  • TaskList: You can add your own tasklist token

Projects and Solutions

  • General: Reopen documents on solution load & Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

Text Editor

  • General: Open definition in peek view (for mouse click)
  • All Languages: Apply Cut or Copy to blank lines when there is no selection & Line numbers
  • All Languages.ScrollBars: map mode on scrollbar
  • C#.CodeStyle: settings for code styling (clean up) and generate .editconfig file